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HIPAA Help Center provides a comprehensive breakdown of all facets of the law through the Training module. HIPAA Help Center’s Training Management System makes it easy to learn the details that help covered entities remain compliant. With this application, workforce members will learn everything from the basics, through training courses such as “Introduction to HIPAA,” to more specific requirements, with course such as the “Data Backup Storage”.

Key Training module features

The easy-to-follow training allows app users to better understand all aspects of HIPAA without the cost and hassle of take courses.

  • Comprehensive training: Each session includes an introduction, chapter breakdown and quizzes to test comprehension. A review page, where users have access to high-level information that summarizes what they just learned, follows the training.
  • Assignment and tracking: Site administrators have control of HIPAA Help Center’s Training Management System assignment and tracking, effectively ensuring everyone in the practice is up-to-date on necessary training.
  • Timeline: Administrators can even implement a timeline, letting workforce members know the completion deadline. Notifications related to due dates will appear on employees’ dashboards.
  • Easy accessibility: All workforce members can view and complete their assigned training within the module. Even if individuals are not required to follow through with all the training HIPAA Help Center has to offer, they can still view other lessons in the Training Library.
  • Completion status: Covered entities must demonstrate to auditors that their entire workforce completed training. HIPAA Help Center details what was completed, providing users with all necessary documentation.

Frequently asked questions about HIPAA training:

What workforce members need HIPAA training?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requires that covered entities adequately train all health care professionals as necessary for compliance. The tracking and assignment feature of the module allows covered entities to ensure workforce members receive the training that corresponds to their responsibilities.

What is the importance of training?

Beyond the fact that the HHS requires all workforce members to receive training, HIPAA education is also beneficial for avoiding violations. Lack of knowledge is not an excuse for breaking the law. Even those who did not know an action violated HIPAA are still subject to paying $100 per violation.

What happens if workforce members do not abide by policies outlined in training?

HIPAA requires health care providers to apply sanctions to individuals who either do not follow the organization’s policies or violate the Privacy Rule.

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