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While HIPAA does not outline what specific securities covered entities must have in place for electronic protected health information, it does note that health care professionals need administrative, physical and technical safeguards. HIPAA Help Center is unique in that it guides covered entities through both the Privacy and Security Rules. HIPAA Help Center Protection module ensures application users meet the latter requirement.

Key features of the Protection Plus module

Within the Protection module, covered entities have access to an array of data defense options. The application provides descriptions of each form of protection and includes links that lead to plan details. Health care professionals can determine what options and levels of protection best suit their organization’s needs. The application ensures that the email encryption, data backup and endpoint protection are HIPAA-compliant. The key features include:

  • Email encryption: HIPAA Help Center guarantees email encryption compliance through a program called Rmail. Compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, this feature includes email tracking, proof of e-delivery and digital signature capabilities.
  • CylancePROTECT Endpoint Protection: HIPAA Help Center provides top-of-the-line security through CylancePROTECT Endpoint Protection. With this feature, application users can rest assured that all devices with this software, from smartphones to tablets to desktop computers, have compliant data protection through firewall, Web security and intrusion prevention, among other defenses.

Frequently asked questions about safeguarding ePHI:

What documents require protection under HIPAA?

Covered entities must protect all PHI and ePHI. The Privacy Rule requires that privacy is maintained for documents that consist of both identifiers (such as a name or phone number), and health information (like lab results), with adequate safeguards. The HIPAA Security Rule addresses protecting ePHI, which includes any information that is created, stored or transmitted electronically.

How can covered entities determine the efficacy of their safeguards?

Health care professionals can view their up to date risk score in the Risk Analysis module of HIPAA Help Center, which helps in determining the adequacy of their safeguards. Because the defenses provided in the Protection module are already deemed as HIPAA compliant, applying them to ePHI would provide adequate safeguards to sensitive information.

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